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About Schnider Joesph

Growing up within a family full of musicians and singers provided an ample amount of musical inspiration for Schnider Joseph. Joseph demonstrated a phenomenal grasp of harmony, and melody early on. During adolescence, Joseph fulfilled his passion by deeply involving himself into music. He became so captivated by sound that he participated in Marching, Jazz, Wind Ensemble, Pep, and Symphonic bands. As a result of his musical zeal, Joseph was awarded with a full scholarship to attend Edward Waters College for his outstanding role as lead percussionist. After a year at Edward Waters College, Joseph decided to transfer to the University of North Florida in order to complete his degree in Psychology. Once at the University of North Florida, he met Miami native and fellow lyricist Mario Merisier during a music rehearsal. It was history since then. After a battle of wit, challenges, sharp words and great music… things were set in motion.

About Mario Merisier

As a child, Mario “Rio” Merisier was enchanted by the sound of Haitian hymns sung by his mother; it was her melodic vocals that ignited his passion for music. When young Mario asked his mother “Why does she sing?”, she simply replied: “Music is my therapy.” Her words remained with Mario throughout his childhood. He would find himself singing when he was bored or felt the need to relieve stress. During late adolescence Meriser began to hone in on his feelings. He would dare to express his thoughts using distinctive styles and rhythms. It wasn’t long before Merisier’s new way of self expression merged with his love for music. Before, singing provided much needed release, but it wasn’t until Merisier began to create his own lyrics that he began to truly understand the power of music. Later, Merisier attended the University of North Florida to study Business Administration and Management. While attending, he partnered up with his fellow classmates to create a music group. Without any notable musical instruction, Merisier has managed to summon his inherited love for melody and natural gift of rhyme. He has become an exceptional lyricist with an uncanny ability to turn the “everyday” into a melodic tune.

The Culmination of Written In, Inc.

One afternoon in the Spring, transfer student Schnider Joseph abruptly interrupted a music rehearsal held by Mario Merisier and his fellow band-mates. Joseph dared the group of musicians that he could both write and sing better. This gutsy move proved that Joseph had heart and ambition. Merisier and the other band members admired his bold attitude along with his talent. They decided to unify as one group with the inclusion of Schnider Joseph. Although the group’s success was short lived, both Merisier and Joseph kept pursuing music independently. Later, both would move to Miami, FL in order to join forces and form the song writing duo, Written In, Inc. Ever since, Merisier and Joseph have collaborated on hundreds of full songs, musical concepts, and hooks. Together, they have developed an extensive catalog that includes their most popular singles “Purple Cupid,” “Made a Mistake” and “Did You Wrong.”


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